The good weather, the pleasure of bathing on the beach, strolling listening to the waves; Living by the sea are not only advantages but are also a real privilege. In addition to these privileges there are some advantages of living in the sea that directly influence health and even beauty.

  • Helps relaxation: According to a study by the University of Exeter, the maritime environment improves the level of stress, since the negative ionization of the breeze causes the levels of serotonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for stress states) to increase and with them decrease anxiety .
  • Improves respiratory problems: most nasal decongestants are mainly composed of sea water rich in salts and iodine. Therefore, breathing the sea breeze improves patients with chronic respiratory conditions.
  • Performing activities under water prevents fluid retention: Activities performed under water exert slight pressure on the body’s organs and tissues, helping to mobilize and eliminate fluids that are retained in the subcutaneous cellular tissue. Likewise, this slight pressure subjects the veins of the body to increase their drainage so that venous vasodilation (varicose veins) improves significantly.
  • Controls blood pressure: At sea level, atmospheric pressure is higher, so the amount of oxygen available in the air we breathe is also higher. This extra oxygenation, provided by living at sea level, facilitates the oxygenation of the organs and tissues of our body, having a very significant impact on blood pressure figures.

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